Author Hank Quense announces a Kickstarter Campaign for his new novel

My friend, Hank Quense is an author who has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to publish his next novel, Moxie’s Decision. Why? Hank says he has two reasons: because the world needs more parody stories and books are expensive to publish.


The Kickstarter Campaign will run from May 1 to May 31. Here is the link to the web page: You can support the Kickstarter Campaign by making a contribution or by spreading the word about Campaign and sharing the Kickstarter link.

The campaign offers a variety of rewards for contributors. There are ebooks, print books, ebook packages, print book packages. There is also a unique series of rewards involve one-on-one lectures covering fiction writing self-publishing and book marketing topics. All these lectures can be provided via Skype video calls or other means. Another reward offers short story critiques.

You can learn more about Hank and his works on his website:

All the best,


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Self-publishing Guides Review Blitz

self publishingAward-winning author Hank Quense is hosting a review blitz for his self-publishing guides. To participate, please read Hank’s message below and follow the instructions:


“I’ve written a series of four books to demystify the self-publishing and book marketing processes. I’ve spent a year on these Self-publishing Guides and now it’s time to get some book reviews for all four books. I have a plan to encourage folks to write and post positive reviews for my books. I’m calling it a Review Blitz and it will involve giveaways. I’ll be giving away American Express Gift

Cards to be awarded via a random drawing.

Here’s the deal.

Step 1) Select one of these books to read and review:

  • Self-publishing a Book
  • Marketing Plans for Self-publishing Authors
  • Manage Your Self-publishing Project
  • Business Basics for Authors

You can find out more about these books on my Amazon page or on my Strange Worlds Online website. You can also download a brochure.

Step 2) Send me an email at telling me which book you chose and I’ll send a 100% discount coupon to download the book from Smashwords in the format you wish. (Note: this is a different email address than my usual email address)

Step 3) post your review during the week of 3/1 thru 3/7/14

Step 4) For extra credit (and rewards), write a blog and post it during the week of 3/1 thru 3/7/14.

Step 5) Send me an email at when the review is posted. If you wrote a blog post, send me a link to the site in addition to the review posting.

Here’s how the drawing will work.
If you write a review and post it on Amazon, you’ll get entered into a contest for a $50 gift card.
If you post the review on Amazon AND Goodreads, you’ll have two entires in the $50 gift card drawing.
If you post a review on Amazon AND write a blog post about the book, you’ll get an entry into a drawing for a $100 gift card.
If you post a review on Amazon AND Goodreads AND write a blog post, you’ll get two entires in the $100 drawing.

CAUTION: posting stuff outside the week of 3/1 thru 3/7/14 will be appreciated but will not qualify you for the drawings.”

Good luck, everyone!

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