Judging a book by its cover

I passed by a Barnes and Noble bookstore today and I decided to stop in. It’s one of my favorite places, even though I wish they had a standardized system of organizing stuff so I don’t wind up going through the entire store looking for what I want…

Anyway, since I am writing a fantasy YA novel, every time I get to a bookstore I go to the fantasy YA section to check what’s out there. As I was browsing from side to side I noticed a few things: I am really shallow when it comes to books…

I realized that there are things about a book’s appearance that turn me off in a way that prevents me from even attempting to peek at the book’s description. I noticed the following things that turn me off:

  • If the book looks too “girlie”, too much glitter and pink
  • If the book is thicker than 1.5 inches (unless it’s very short)
  • If the book is unusually tall
  • If the cover looks too childish
  • If the book is too black and shiny and covered with vampire-looking youngsters.

I know… the last one is a bit too specific… but probably the truest.

Of course, this only applies to titles that I don’t know, written by authors I never heard of. If it’s a Stephen King book, I don’t care if the cover has a monkey in a tutu, I am buying it…

My point was that I do judge a book by its covers and I don’t think that I’ll ever stop. I think it’s a self-defense mechanism that prevents me from buying every book that exists out there, at least in the genres that I prefer.

So, I was curious, does anyone else feel the same? Do you get turned off by a book’s cover and appearance that you don’t even try to see what it is about?



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My New Fiction Writing Blog

Here we go, the first post. Oh, I love it! The first post always gives me chills. What do I say? Should I say something so crazy that would get people comin back here every day, or should I realize that this very first post will be burried so far in the back that no one will care for it?

Truthfully, I don’t know… So, I will just write what comes to me right now and deal with it later.

If you haven’t checked the about page, please do it now so you can get some ideas about who I am and what I intend to do with this blog.

In a nutshell, I want this to become a one-stop-(free)shop for writers, providing essential resources and information that would help them improve their writing.

So, you ask yourself, why should you listen to me? Well, that’s for you to decide, but here are my thoughts: I have the passion and I have the drive to work hard and improve myself as a writer. In this process, I will discover and evaluate a multitude of resources–books, websites, software and so on. I will pass those to you together with my personal opinion about them and how they helped me. In addition, as my abilities and techniques get better I will share some of the challenges and how I managed to overcome them.

If you are a writer and would like to do guest posts, please let me know and I will definitely consider it.

Now, let’s all learn and improve!



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