This is the practical demo companion for the “Creating a Fantasy World” post.

Creating a Fantasy World – Practical Demonstration


In my made-up demo world I will have the following languages:

The Language of the Land, Karaa, is a common language known to most races, taught in all regions and spoken freely by everyone.

The Highborn language, Hali, is a newer language, brought forth by the Gods and bestowed upon rulers. It’s a language that evolved over time and it became the favorite spoken language at high courts. The language is also taught to soldiers, but they are not to use it, save for communicating with a highborn.

The Lowborn language, Agarsi, is derived from Karaa and it’s a simpler language. It’s grammar and pronunciation are slightly off, but a person who can speak Karaa will have difficulty understanding Agarsi. The Agarsi language evolved into two separate dialects, one north of the mountain and one south of the mountain. The grammar and pronunciation are very similar, but there are words in each of the two dialects that are unique. A smart person might be able to infer those words from the context.

N’Agaxi is a forbidden language. It’s also derived from Agarsi, during a dark time in history when evil forces roamed the land. They used the N’Agaxi language to communicate, but more so, to carry spells and messages loaded with energy. Some of the words and phrases are still said to carry that load, and using them might produce unexpected results, sometimes fatal. The Mage Guild, the sorcerers in the land are the only ones using this language in special contexts. Healers and similar also have certain booklets containing key phrases in N’Agaxi that they might use in special situations.

All languages have a writing system that is somewhat similar, but in this world, the lowborns have a small percentage of people who can read and write.

As you can see, after geography, we are moving further into our new world. Next we will be talking about names. Here, I have cheated a bit and already started naming things, but in the next chapter we will dig deeper.

Till next time! (once I add a new page, this page will link to the next)


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