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Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival Issue #2

Welcome to the Issue #2 of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. For those of you not familiar with what a Blog Carnival is, here is a short description: a collection of links pointing to blog posts around a specific topic. As you may have guessed it, this blog carnival will be centered around the subject of fiction writing, with a special interest for fantasy and science fiction.

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Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tips Kelly Kilpatrick presents 10 Tips to Improve Your Fiction Writing Skills posted at Writing Forward, saying, “Writing fiction, whether short or long, can be a very trying experience indeed. So many writers of fiction have different processes for achieving their writing goals that it’s hard to sift through what works and what doesn’t.”

fiction writing tips C.S. Laikin presents The Secret to Show, Don’t Tell posted at Wordplay, saying, “Gone are the days of the long narrative passages we used to see in novels written by greats like Dickens and Steinbeck. Even though literary prose is still highly praised and found in many bestselling commercial novels, the trend over the last few decades has been to “show, not tell.” Meaning, readers prefer scenes in which they are watching the action unfold in real time—instead of being told what is happening by the author or even by one of the characters.”

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tips Marisa Wikramanayake presents How to write a book: Part 1: Introduction posted at Marisa Wikramanayake. This is a series of 13 different tutorials that Maria wrote on the craft of fiction writing. She is a freelance journalist and editor and her blog is a goud resource for writers. I suggest you go through all her 13 chapters.

fiction writing tipsDavid Leonhardt presents Before you sign a Ghostwriter contract posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “You have found a ghostwriter that you want to work with. You are ready to sign a contract. But does the contract cover everything? Here is a quick guide to what you need to know…”

fiction writing tipsJoanna Penn presents How to Write More and Create a Daily Writing Habit posted at The Creative Penn, saying, “One of the best ways to sell more books, is to have more product available. For this, you need to write more word count. Here’s how one author is doing it in 2013.”

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsSamir Bharadwaj presents Evolving Your Writing Voice posted at Samir Bharadwaj dot Com, saying, “Reading inspires you but you also end up absorbing the writing habits of the writers you admire. Here are some tips to help you develop your own unique voice.”

fiction writing tipsChrys Fey presents Get Ready, Set, TONE! posted at Write with Fey, saying, “Revisions are a vital step of writing. Do you know what to look for?”

fiction writing tipsSamir Bharadwaj presents Clear-headed Writing posted at Samir Bharadwaj dot Com. Samir is so nice, I had to include him twice! This is a good post where Samir gives us practical advice on how to clear your mind before you start writing and how it can be beneficial to your writing career.

fiction writing tipsSydney Bell presents 35 Blogs for Those that Aspire to Become Writers posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, “Do you want to become a writer but you don’t know where to start. First and foremost, you need to write something, even if it’s just a journal or a blog. That way, you can get the creative juices flowing.”

Fiction Writing Tips Blog CarnivalThis concludes this edition of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. I want to thank all the contributors and invite them to submit more in the future.

If you enjoyed these articles, please leave some comments on the authors’ blogs and on this blog.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival, to be published on March 31, 2013 using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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