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Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival Issue #5

Welcome to the Issue #5 of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. For those of you not familiar with what a Blog Carnival is, here is a short description: a collection of links pointing to blog posts around a specific topic. As you may have guessed it, this blog carnival will be centered around the subject of fiction writing, with a special interest for fantasy and science fiction.

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Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsHazel L Longuet presents 6 Inspirational Writing Websites posted at A Novel Experience, saying, “6 of the best websites on writing, self-publishing and book promotion – invaluable advice on all aspects of writing”

fiction writing tipsAmanda @ Writing Cozy Mysteries presents Multi-Dimensional Characters: Why They’re Important and How You Create Them posted at Writing Cozy Mysteries.

fiction writing tipsK.M. Weiland presents 5 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist posted at Helping Writers Become Authors, saying, “I love plot twists. Mistaken identities, sneaky plans, sleight of hand—it’s all grand. Nothing makes me happier than a story that pulls the rug out from under me and shows me that my perception of the story up to that point is nowhere near as cool as the reality. But, by the same token, nothing annoys me more than a story that fools me and then laughs at me—or, worse, thinks it’s fooled me when, really, it’s only bored me.”

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsChrys Fey presents Creating Mood posted at Write With Fey, saying, “How a reader reacts to your writing emotionally all depends on the mood you convey. This post gives examples of what mood is and reveals how to create it.”

fiction writing tipsVictoria Grefer presents How do you come back to writing fiction after a long break? posted at Crimson League, saying, “What is it like as an author of fiction to come back after a substantial break from novel-writing?”

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsHazel L Longuet presents 7 Ways to Fund Your Writing posted at A Novel Experience, saying, “7 easy ways to get funding for the writing, publishing and promotion of your book.”

fiction writing tipsKimberley Grabas presents Powerful Pictures Perform: How to Create Images That Grab Attention posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “Images and graphics are an incredibly important tool for capturing your audience’s interest. Like multi-pixel eye-candy for your readers. For many writers, this may be alien territory, but since the importance of images in today’s world can not be denied–or ignored–finding simple but effective ways to source, edit and incorporate images into your platform building is essential.”

fiction writing tipsAli Luke presents How to Finish Your Novel (While Life Goes On) posted at Aliventures, saying, “Maybe you’ve been working on your novel for months, or even years. (Or maybe you’ve not started yet, because you’re waiting for a chunk of free time to come along.) Life is busy. You’d love to have all day, every day, to write, but of course you don’t. You have a day job or your own business or young kids or elderly parents or volunteering commitments or other hobbies or health issues … or quite probably a combination of several of those. The good news is that you can do it. You CAN produce a finished novel – without your fairy godmother waving a magic wand and granting you six months away from your regular life.
And here’s how I know…”

fiction writing tipsChristina Katz presents Take A Break & Refresh Your Writing Career posted at The Prosperous Writer, saying, “Writing career growth is a spiral, not a sprint. And if you don’t allow yourself some time for your fields to run fallow, if you are always a slave to your to-do list, your nervous system is not going to reset itself in preparation for more growth.”

fiction writing tipsLinda Formichelli presents Why You Shouldn’t Do What All The Other Writers Are Doing posted at The Renegade Writer, saying, “When you think of a professional writer, you probably envision someone who starts at the crack of dawn and guzzles coffee as he writes. So you force yourself to get up at 5 am because that’s what a “real writer” would do, and brew a pot of coffee even though you prefer hot cocoa or tea. Then you fall asleep in front of your computer as your untouched coffee grows cold, and when you wake up you feel like a failure.”

fiction writing tipsJeff Moore presents 24 Blogs with Tips for Promoting Creative Writing in Kids posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, “Creative writing, on the other hand, can be frustrating when the ideas aren’t flowing. As a parent, it’s important to find ways to encourage your child’s creative writing skills, which you can do by giving him writing prompts or brainstorming with him.”

Fiction Writing Tips Blog CarnivalThis concludes this edition of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. I want to thank all the contributors and invite them to submit more in the future.

If you enjoyed these articles, please leave some comments on the authors’ blogs and on this blog.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival, to be published on August 31, 2013 using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Iulian Ionescu

  • Victoria Grefer

    Honored to be listed among these other talented bloggers! Thanks for the suggested posts to read and for the mention here, Iulian!

    • You’re welcome, Victoria. Your Crimson League blog keeps me busy! Lots of good info there!

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