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Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival Issue #8

Welcome to the Issue #8 of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. For those of you not familiar with what a Blog Carnival is, here is a short description: a collection of links pointing to blog posts around a specific topic. As you may have guessed it, this blog carnival will be centered around the subject of fiction writing, with a special interest for fantasy and science fiction.

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Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsJeanNicole Rivers presents Elements of a Character Study posted at JeanNicole Rivers, saying, “Character is all about fear, tragedy and outcome. We have all heard the quote, ‘It is not your beliefs that make you a good person, but your actions.’ and from thinking like this we derive that it is what you do, especially in times of adversity that forge ones character.”

fiction writing tipsChrys Fey presents How To Create Mystery posted at Write With Fey, saying, “Mystery is not just a genre but an emotion that can be used in any story. Here are TEN TIPS to help you create mystery in your story.”

fiction writing tipsMarjorie Reynolds presents Making Your Characters Extreme posted at Story Fix, saying, “If you want to write a novel that readers will remember decades or even centuries later, learn from the masters and populate it with one or more extreme characters. You’ll find they’ll not only linger in a reader’s mind, but they’ll give your story energy and heighten your own interest in writing it.”

fiction writing tipsVictoria Grefer presents 5 Ways to Share a Point of View That Contrasts With Your Protagonist’s posted at Crimson League, saying, “How important is it, when writing, to provide multiple points of view and multiple sides of the story? This is something all authors ask themselves, and it’s an important question without a clear cut answer.”

fiction writing tipsDebra Elramey presents What Do You Do When Your Muse Is On Vacation? posted at The Write Practice, saying, “I asked a friend yesterday if she mainly wrote out of inspiration, or if she’d mastered the discipline of sitzfleisch. She was quick to say, “I write when I’m inspired.””

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsA. Howitt presents How to Write Love Scenes posted at Mythic Scribes, saying, “As fantasy writers, we accept that certain elements are expected in our novels. For example, the fight scene. Whether it’s an epic battle or a street duel, there’s going to be a fight somewhere. But what about love?”

fiction writing tipsRobin Storey presents Writers’ research – the methods we use to get it right posted at Robin Storey, saying, “Author Robin Storey looks at the different methods of research used by writers to ensure the authenticity of their novels.”

fiction writing tipsAndre Cruz presents 5 Creative Writing Prompts to Break Your Writer’s Block posted at The Word, saying, “I have found that when I am experiencing writer’s block, the best method to break it is using creative writing prompts. For those of you that do not know, creative writing prompts can be a word or phrase that a writer puts down on paper to get them thinking about a story idea by simply trying to create a story from that word or phrase.”

fiction writing tipsRandy Ross presents Top Secret Work Habits of the Successful Novelist posted at The Loneliest Planet by Randy Ross, saying, “Recently, I’ve been working on my novel at the local library, where I don’t have Web access to distract me. Last week, a successful novelist* started coming in to work on what I’m assuming is his next book. So, I’ve had the good fortune to observe his routine, which I’d like to share.”

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsJo Linsdell presents Advice for Writers posted at Writers and Authors, saying, “When I immerse myself in my writing– attend a writing group, and practice with short works or exercises– an amazing thing happens. My writing gets better. How can I tell? I edit less, the tone stays consistent, and I can feel emotion in what I wrote. As with any activity, practice makes perfect.”

fiction writing tipsLovelyn Bettison presents Interview with author A.D. Koboah posted at Comments for H. Lovelyn Bettison, saying, “This is an interview with self-published author A.D. Koboah. In it she talks about the inspiration for her novel Peace and why she is attracted to writing about dark subject matter.”

fiction writing tipsKimberley Grabas presents 2 Must-Dos to Make Your Book Marketing Infinitely Easier posted at Your Writer Platform, saying, “Why is it that your book marketing is falling short? You’re trying to implement as many of the tricks and tips that the ‘experts’ recommend, but few of your marketing tactics are gaining traction. Sure, you haven’t tried EVERYTHING yet, but you’ve tried enough to move the needle at least a smidge, right? There’s no question that building a strong platform takes time, and gaining momentum–even with a sound marketing plan–requires the patience of a saint. But something just isn’t jiving.”

Fiction Writing Tips Blog CarnivalThis concludes this edition of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. I want to thank all the contributors and invite them to submit more in the future.

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