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Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival Issue #1

Welcome to the Issue #1 of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. For those of you not familiar with what a Blog Carnival is, here is a short description: a collection of links pointing to blog posts around a specific topic. As you may have guessed it, this blog carnival will be centered around the subject of fiction writing, with a special interest for fantasy and science fiction.

I will try to publish this carnival monthly, on the last day of each month, so please make your submissions as soon as possible. There’s are links to submit at the top and at the bottom.

For the first edition of this carnival, we have a few good articles from various authors. Please read them and if you enjoy them, leave a comment for the author and a comment on this post.


Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsMatthew Hall presents How to Outline with yWriter: Step # 1, Write a Tag Line posted at M.L. Hall. yWriter is a popular word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes. Matthew has a few posts with tips on yWriter, and this is one of them.

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tips Jon Rhodes presents Ten Tips On Writing And Selling A Script posted at Film Script Writing, saying, “Here are some great tips to help you write and sell a movie script.” Jon continues his series of posts that deal with screenwriting. In this particular one you will find 10 specific tips on how to write and sell a script.

fiction writing tipsJon Rhodes presents The Four Essential Components of Storytelling in Scriptwriting posted at Film Script Writing, saying, “Story telling is the most important component when writing a movie script. This article shows you the best ways to incorporate story telling within a movie script.” This is the second post by Jon included in this carnival. This digs deeper into the storytelling part of scriptwriting and explains why it is so important.

Fantasy Fiction General Writing

fiction writing tipsBrandon Yawa presents Stop Writing and Be Bruce Lee posted at Brandon Yawa, saying, “I wrote this blog to implore creative writers not to confine their art based on marketability.” Brandon does a great job in engaging writers and giving them some specific tips on how to go about their writing by focusing on the writing part, more so than on the marketability part.

fiction writing tipsDavid Leonhardt presents Writing assignment – how to describe hair posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “If you ask the average person how to describe hair, they might mention color and length. But a writer has to be able to do so much more, because how you describe hair sets the tone for how people see a character.” Description is always tricky – too much of it slows things down, too little of it and the reader is lost. In this post, David gives you some ideas on how to go about describing hair, an issue that I often face. Very good tips.

fiction writing tipsDale Shanklin presents Even the Best Get Rejected at the Wrong Time posted at Dale Shanklin’s Personal Development Blog, saying, “No matter how great your idea is, TIMING is still the most important factor in getting your work published. Casablanca won the Academy Award for best picture in 1943, but when it was proposed as a fresh idea in 1982 it got REJECTED by most of the film industry.” This is absolutely true, and I experienced it on my own skin. Rejection is mostly related to external factors, but so many writers take it personally.

Fiction Writing Tips Blog CarnivalThis concludes this edition of the Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival. I want to thank all the contributors and invite them to submit more in the future.

If you enjoyed these articles, please leave some comments on the authors’ blogs and on this blog.

Submit your blog article to the next edition of Fiction Writing Tips Blog Carnival, to be published on February 28, 2013 using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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