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Writing Prompt #21

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Creative Writing Prompt #21

Damien Haas surprised his fiancee with a cruise. They embark on the cruise only to discover that his ex-wife, Elaine, is also on board with her new husband. Damien hates her because she divorced him and left with most of his stuff. Elaine’s new husband is an abusive man and Elaine finds herself falling again for her ex. All four try to keep the appearances and behave civilized. Write a scene in which the 2 couples have dinner together, trying to pretend that they can be friends. However, the atmosphere is tense and people are passive aggressive. Write this scene and make us feel that tension. Use a maximum of 2 viewpoints, but limit the inner thoughts to a minimum. Use dialogue and body language to show us the situation.

(point of view, dialogue, voice)

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Iulian Ionescu

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